How to

ADD $1,000 to YOUR Monthly Income

on a Saturday Afternoon

Learn to generate passive income even with little time or money to spend.

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"How can I start an online business with little time or money to start with?"

We've been there. We've felt the need, the pressure to increase our take home income. And the frustration and helplessness of not having the time, money or skills to do it. 

Whether it's Covid or a layoff or a job you hate or an unexpected expense or a vacation or an unfulfilled ambition, there's always that burning desire to have more financial security than you do now.

And the worst thing is the feeling that there's little to nothing you can actually do about it. Who saw Covid coming? Or a layoff? And you can't just quit your job can you?

They say you should save for a rainy day but that assumes most days are sunny and you have money to save or invest.

And what about time? Time is the one thing you have to spend and can never save. There's only so many hours in the day and always more to do than you have time for. 

Business ideas that promise tons of money for little to no time or money are always too good to be true - always!

But what if there was a way to use some custome-made software to squeeze some extra cash out of whatever time you do have to spare? Would it be worth checking it out?

How to Add $1,000 to Your Monthly Income on a Saturday Afternoon

This online course uses video, pictures, and text to explain in exquisite detail precisely how to turn your spare time into additional monthly income.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When you enroll you get instant access to the complete course. Take the course at your own pace and time. Return and review any parts whenever you like. Your access never expires. When you're ready to implement it, you will have the software, assistance and resources you need.

Learn and then Earn

We don't teach theory. This course is hard hitting practical step-by-step instructions telling you exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. It leads to money soon, not "someday".

Try before you Buy

Our exclusive, custome-made software is easy to learn and use. It's always in development with regular updates to keep it current and feature rich. By enrolling in this course you get to try it for a full month before deciding whether it's for you.

The Finest Community & Support

Be part of a vibrant user group with our own forum and Skype chat group. Help from admins, software developers and experienced users is always at your fingertips.

Exclusive Bonuses

If you complete the course, try the software and choose to subscribe, you will enjoy a 33% lifetime discount PLUS exclusive bonuses worth literally thousands of dollars

Here’s what people are saying . . .

Regarding the course . . .

Kevin W.

Kevin W.


After explaining how he implemented the instructions found in the course Kevin reported his results:

"Two weeks later I get an email from the affiliate manager welcoming me to his private team. He immediately upped my payout by 20% and changed my pay from net 30 days to net 14 days. Prior to this I had not done a dime with them."

Regarding his expenses he continued:

"I paid for domain registration, $37 per month for a webserver, my subscription to this fine software (DetectR and GeneratR). So not free, but close to it. And the best part is GeneratR and DetectR do all of the work for me."

And recently Kevin updated us:

"I have been using GeneratR and DetectR for the last two years with pretty good success. With the sites I have built I am now doing a little over $4k per month."

Regarding the software . . .

Daniel J

Daniel J.


"DetectR is quite literally the most unique and powerful internet marketing tool on the planet with a significant variety of applications. There is nothing like it for controlling your website traffic. Support is helpful and always available. An absolute must have for your serious projects."
Wes N.

Wes N.


"DetectR has been a game changer for me. My income has gone up considerably due to DetectR which I think is a fabulous tool."

Mike P.


"I built a batch of sites a few months ago following the instructions in your course 'How to Add $1,000 to Your Monthly Income on a Saturday Afternoon'. These sites have now run for about 90 days. I haven't done anything else to promote them - I just followed your instructions. Now they are getting traffic which I am redirecting to an affiliate program where I am starting to make some sales. I can confirm that GeneratR definitely creates sites that get indexed and generates traffic. DetectR can turn that traffic into profit. " 

Here's What the Course Covers

In 3 neatly organized sections


The Overview

You will learn the overall business model including the kind of websites you will need to build and how to build them quickly and simply.  


The Preparation Stage

In these 6 lessons we take you through everything from where and how to host your sites, what to promote, how to do the necessary research, and where to register dot com domains at ridiculously low prices. Then we literally hand you complete templates for the two kinds of websites you will need and show you how to finish customizing them for your personal use.


The Production Stage

These 8 lessons teach you how to take those site templates and set them up on your own servers, fully customized and plugged into our software which does all the work from this point on. You can repeat the production stage as often as you have time in order to keep scaling up your business - and your monthly income.


Let's talk about the Bonuses!

These bonuses are NOT needed to complete the course or try the software. They don't make things easier or faster. None of that. The course and the free software trial gives you all you need. But these bonuses are packed with ideas for you to try after you've completed the course and already decided to keep the software. Now it's time to look at things you might do to expand your business. These ideas might involve using our software or might not. There's just so much variety - and it will all be yours if you keep the software after the trial period expires.

Bonus 1
The Library

There's actually a lot of ways you can use our software to earn a monthly passive income. This course shows one but you can learn others, or put your own special twist on this one, by something you learn from The Library.

We've aquired several terabytes of premium courses for our subscribers. If you decide to stay with us after your free month is over, you will have complete access to all of this with more being added regularly.

Bonus 2

What if we could login to a number of premium online marketing forums and have a tab open for each of our subscribers and let each of them control what they see in that tab? 

Only one user is logged in - ever - but that user has multiple open tabs that you can view and control. AccessR is the unique software that lets us do this. 

We don't share the login - we just make full use of it.

Online Income Monthly

No single person can take credit for authoring this course. It is a collaberative result of input from a host of experienced users who have learned by trial and error ... and eventual success ... what works.

These same individuals use the same methods and same software as we do in the course and in our user group, called "Online Income Monthly" we discuss our results and suggest ways our developers can make further improvements. During your free month, and as long as you retain access to the software, you will be entitled to all such upgrades and any additional software we develop. 

What's the Alternative?

If you don't enroll for this free course what will you do instead? Mow the grass? Take the family out for dinner? Walk the dog? Trust me, you'll still find time to do those things. What you won't find time for is to mope around feeling sorry for yourself and wishing there was some way some how you could make some extra money - because you'll be doing it.  

Maybe you try it and don't make $1,000 per month. Maybe it takes you a little longer than you hoped, or you make a little less. But consider what you will have learned. Consider that whatever you do make will be made by sites and software you set up and then left to do their work with little further input from you. Consider that you can always do more and keep working until you do achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

Or maybe you do achieve your goals - and even exceed them. Maybe this free course becomes the breakthrough moment in your life when you finally take control of your own financial security. The one sure truth is that you will never know if you don't try. 

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FREE Enrollment Guarantee Extended to Nov. 30, 2020


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 Days

We'd love to offer you a money-back guarantee but did we mention the course was free? In order to access the software you do need to start a subscription but you will pay nothing for the first 30 days and can cancel during that time and owe us nothing. You can still take the free course regardless of whether you start the trial subscription.

So to recap: the course is free. Access to the software is free but you need to start a subscription where the first 30 days is free and you can cancel anytime before the 30 days expires and pay nothing ever. Or you can continue your subscription at a 33% discount locked in for life. Your choice.

Don’t wait! If others can successfully follow this course to create a passive monthly income for themselves


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I click "Enroll"?

When you click any "Enroll" button you will see a registration page where you enter the basic information we need to automatically give you free access to the entire course.

Then, inside the course, you will see links you can use to sign up for the software with the 30 day free trial. Software access will be set up manually within 1 business day.

Just cancel the subscription before the 30 days expires if you decide not to take advantage of the lifetime 33% discount on the monthly fee. Your trial ends when you cancel your subscription.

If you do continue with your discounted subscription, you will receive access to the bonuses we mentioned - The Library and AccessR.

How long does the course take?

The course is 14 lessons in total. The last 8 are the things you do in the "Saturday afternoon" (or any other 4 hour period). The time it takes to complete the preparation part of the course depends mostly on your level of experience. That part will take longer than 4 hours but it only needs to be done once.

What does it "really" cost?

The only costs, besides our software, are a decent webserver (not cheap shared hosting but at least a VPS level so budget about $40/mo for that) and then there's just the cost of domain names. In the course we suggest getting 33 dot coms which can be purchased for about $1.25 each for a year.

What do I get for free and what do I have to pay for?

You get the course for free - forever - well, for as long as you are registrated with DigiSkilz. If you get the software you have it as long as you want provided you maintain an active subscription. That is free for 30 days and then, at your discounted rate, it is $97/mo.

What if I have more questions?

You are welcome to email any questions to [email protected]