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How to Become an Instructor

Lesson 4

Once you are a registered user, the first step in becoming an instructor is just to contact me (Hugh) on Skype (hughrankin1) or via email to [email protected] (On Skype be sure to introduce yourself or I won't accept your contact.) Tell me what your course will be about. It can be a simple one lesson guide or a complex multi lesson course or anything in between. I'll upgrade your role to "Instructor".

As an Instructor, when you login to Digiskilz you will see the WP admin toolbar at the top of the page. Watch the video below to see how to access the backend and set up a course.

Summary of highlights from the video:

  • Go to the Apprentice
  • Click Add new course
  • Give the course a name, an url, a description, and a cover image. Also make yourself the author. Click Save
  • Go to the Access restrictions tab. Change the label and set the WordPress role to Subscribers and Save
  • In the Content tab add your content as shown in the video
  • Publish each lesson and then publish the course when finished