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Lesson 3

One word . . . Money!

The tried and tested way of making money online is to offer something of value for free. That does two things. One, everyone loves getting something for free - as long as it's not trash, so a free offer of value will get a lot of attention. Two, it builds a relationship. Others quickly come to see you as a trusted source of information. This can take place over just the amount of time it takes you to deliver the valuable free content. You can use (not abuse) this relationship to honestly point to something others need and tell them how they can get it in a way that makes money for you.

Time for an example. Let's say you have a knack for making Youtube channels for local businesses. Fine. Put on a course that shows people how to do it for themselves. Make sure your free course has good info that others can actually use to do what you say they can do. But also show them that if they hire you it can save them time and effort and the results will likely be even better than if they did all that work themselves. Couple that with an attractive price and you're bound to get some new clients for your business. 

But where can you publish your free course? You can create your own online learning website and put it there. You can put just make a site dedicated to that one thing. You can make a Youtube video or a Facebook page or ... there are lots of ways to publish you free content. One of those ways is to put it right here on Digiskilz. Why here?

It's free. We won't charge you a penny to host your content here. And we won't take a cent of any revenue your content generates. We won't clutter your content pages with ads either - although you are free to do so, pointing your display or contextual ads to your own sales pages, presell pages, affiliate links, etc. That is a pretty good reason right there. But there's another.

Digiskilz specializes in teaching people how to increase their own online income. So if you are targeting that market, and you have some content on our site, you're bound to get some traffic from people coming to our site for some other reason and who happen to notice your course and check it out. So as more courses are published here, there will be more and more cross selling. Promote your own content and the rest of us will do likewise, but we will all benefit from the resulting traffic. 

More Examples

Think of all the online marketing software being sold. Usually there is an attractive affiliate program associated with it. Most people consult a 3rd party review before they buy new and unproven software. Most of the successful affiliates not only provide a review but add value by promising to show those who purchase the software through their affiliate link how to best use the software.

What if you found some promising software with a nice affiliate program and published a course here showing specifically how to use it to make money? Isn't that more likely to entice a buyer to buy from your affiliate link that they find right in your course content? 

What if it's more than just one piece of software? What if you have a great method of making money that utilizes a few different pieces of software, or maybe some hosting, some other paid services, etc. Why not publish a course showing exactly how to use your method and include affiliate links to all the different software and services it requires. 

A Lead Magnet

This isn't anything new. We're planning to publish free content here on Digiskilz to act as a lead magnet - to attract people in the online marketing industry who might consider buying our software. We hope you will join us in doing the same. Some of our traffic will naturally spill over to your content. Some of your traffic will spill over to ours. Many of the same people will be interested in both our offers. It's a win-win-win without a penny of overhead cost for you. 

It Gets Better

Guess what! We sell software designed to increase the amount of revenue any website can generate from any kind of traffic. It's called DetectR and there are courses about it here on Digiskilz. You can see our sales page at DetectR.net. And we have a very attractive affiliate program. So, regardless of whatever else you promote with the content you publish on Digiskilz, we encourage (but don't require) you to also link to your DetectR affiliate url. No matter what your software or service does, we bet it can be enhanced by using it with DetectR. 

As a DetectR affiliate anyone you send to either Digiskilz or DetectR who subscribes to DetectR will generate a monthly recurring commission to you of 20% for the life of their sub. Yes, just by sending traffic to your own content on Digiskilz gives you credit for subsequent DetectR sales from that traffic.

To grasp how great that is you might need to see a video we've prepared for our existing DetectR subscribers. Check it out ...

Become a DetectR Affiliate

Click here to apply to become a DetectR affiliate. Then move on to the next lesson to discover how to publish your own content to Digiskilz.

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