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GeneratR - Create Traffic Sites Automatically

1 Chapter 10 Lessons

About this course

This course teaches you how to use the GeneratR WordPress plugin to build large websites automatically.

Course Structure


Setting Up & Using GeneratR on One Site 10 Lessons

Download & Install

Where to get GeneratR and how to install it.


Get a bird's eye view of GeneratR before we delve into the detailed set up.

The Settings Page

Learn what all these options mean.

Setting up the Cron Job

This tells you how to let GeneratR know how often you want it to create posts.

Creating Keyword Lists

GeneratR needs txt files containing one keyword per line. There's a ton of different ways to create keyword lists. Here's some of them.

Adding Keyword Files

You need keyword files to tell GeneratR what content to find. Here's the scoop.


Let's run a test to see how we're doing.

Content Bank

Use content banks to insert additional relevant content to bulk up your posts.

Scrape Content for Content Bank

Here's a free and a slightly less free way to scrape content for your content bank file.

Insert Images and Videos using Content Bank

Using content bank files you can insert images and videos into your posts for an SEO boost.