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DetectR as an SEO Machine

2 Chapters 11 Lessons

About this course

Learn various ways to use DetectR to get real, high authority backlinks to boost the rank of any page you want.

Course Structure


Get Backlinks from Wikis 6 Lessons


Wikis let you edit their content. Do so carefully and responsibly and everyone can be a winner. That means authority backlinks for you that last forever.

Decide on the page you want to rank

Decide on the niche or vertical you want a backlink in.

Find a wiki page to edit

You need to find a wiki page you can edit and put your backlink so that it contributes to the wiki and won't get removed later by another editor.

Set up DetectR

Here's where the magic happens. You want DetectR to send bots from the backlink to the page you want to rank and humans to the page with all the nice content.

Make the edit

Making the edit should be the last thing you do so that it will be working properly right from the start.

Other wikis besides Wikipedia

Here's some tips on finding and editing other wikis. You didn't think you were confined to Wikipedia did you?


Ask for Backlinks 5 Lessons


Here's your situation. You have a page you want to traffic to. But it's a page geared for conversions, not SEO. So you used Page Empire or GeneratR to create sites that will generate traffic but you want to get some backlinks to them so they'll generate more traffic. It would be great if you could get a real backlink from a high authority site but why would they bother linking to your page full of spider food? This chapter tells you how it can be done using DetectR.

Set up an information site

Step One: Make a small, cheap, but good looking site of your own in your target niche. This site has some well-written content and is purely, 100% informational - zero commercial content.

Write an email

Write a nice email asking webmasters to put a link to your content on their site.

Send the email

Send the email out to a bunch of authority sites in your niche.

Convert the Information Backlink to a Traffic Backlink

Set up DetectR so that any humans clicking the new backlink will see the well-written 100% informational content BUT all bots will see the page full of spider food that you want them to rank.